Howyrd's and Seth's Warehouses
(Local merchant faction storage)
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Howyrd's Warehouse

   Howyrd's Warehouse contains just about every traded good in the local area since he was the primary merchant until recently. The building itself is 120'x130' with an additional 20' grain dock on one end which allows grain wagons to pull up high enough for laborers to shovel the grain into the warehouse bins. When it is time for the grain to go elsewhere, wagons can pull inside the warehouse through huge sliding doors and pull beneath chutes on the opposite side of the bins. Olive oil, wool, pottery, bottles, and barrels are stored on the main floor. A hand (or horse for heavier loads) operated elevator descends more than 50' into the depths of the earth to the cold cellar (120'x 90'), where more delicate goods are stored (cheese, beef, olives, grapes, peaches, brandy, and wine).
Seth's Warehouses

   Seth, on the other hand, does not have just one warehouse. He owns a total of 5 warehouses spread across the village, all of them at least 70'x70' buildings. Only Seth knows what all is in the warehouses, and he regularly moves goods between buildings, using different crews, to keep it that way. Seth also does not deal in "farm" goods. He chooses to stick to the more profitable items, such as the local peach brandy and wine. In addition, he has several valuable shipments of items from Greyhawk and the Dwarves (trading both directions). Almost everything in his warehouses is in unmarked crates. A person only knows what Seth has if Seth wants them to know. Seth does keep logs of the contents of his warehouses, but they are written in his own, personal shorthand and kept under lock and key. (The "official" logs are probably quite a bit different)
Howyrd's Warehouse

   Dimensions: 120'x130' With an additional 120'x20' grain dock outside the building.