The Forgotten Cairn
(Inn, Town Hall, Meeting Place)
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The Heart of Kurgin's Crossing

   The most famous inn and tavern in town, this establishment is named after its location. A large, many-roomed and heavily timbered structure, it has been added to several times over the centuries. Its architectural style is therefore eclectic. When the original inn was built, it wasn't known that it was directly on the site of an ancient cairn. In fact, some of the stone was likely used in its construction. This is perhaps the reason why a ghost has been in residence here throughout The Forgotten Cairn's history.
   The ghost appears as a white-bearded, large, barrel-chested warrior. He carries a shortspear and wears scale armor with a holy symbol of Kord emblazoned on its front. The ghost has never actually attacked anyone, but does try to get patrons to fight by pushing one in the back while another walks by, draining drinks, and other tricks. Regular patrons just enjoy watching the reactions of newcomers, and always seem to stop brawls before they get out of hand. Adventurers, merchants, and locals all spend time here. The food is good and the drink is excellent, with exotic brews available. A large hall with stage is available for town meetings and entertainment. There are several private rooms with tables where business can be conducted behind closed doors, and the inn is almost always full. Interestingly, though neighboring buildings have burned in fires that have swept the town, The Forgotten Cairn has never even been singed. Furnishings have been burned, but none of the structure. None of the original structure has ever needed to be replaced.
   Darvon Manymoon (hm N. lvl 9 expert, hp 25) is the middle-aged owner of the Forgotten Cairn. He has also served as mayor of (town) for over 10 years. He is renowned for cooling hot tempers and making fair decisions. His oldest patrons get no special treatment in disputes. Darvon has lived here all his life, but hears much about the outside world through travelers that patronize his inn. His wife Chantel directs the ten staff that keep the enormous inn running, leaving Darvon to conduct village business and entertain the guests. His four children have all left for the Cities of Greyhawk and Leukish. The lord actually listens to Darvon, and prefers to let him make decisions regarding the city. As long as he gets his tax money promptly...
Darvon Manymoon: Str 11 Int 12 Wis 16 Dex 10 Con 10 Cha 16
Augmented Stats:
Appraise 4
Dec. Script 4c
Diplomacy 12c
Gather Info 12c
Heal 6
Innuendo 9c
Intimidate 8
Geography 6c
History 5c
Local 10c
Nature 6c
Listen 8f
Read Lips 6c
Sense Motive 12c
Spot 8f

c-class skills
Improved Initiative
Iron Will
Great Fortitude

Fort: 5
Ref: 3
Will: 8
The Forgotten Cairn

Ground Floor

2nd Floor