(Decorations, Tools, Weapons, Farier, Armorer)
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The Blacksmiths of Kurgin's Crossing

   Berry Ragsdale (hm. CG lvl. 6 expert) is an extraordinarily ugly young woman who also happens to make extraordinarily beautiful brass and silver decorations and bells. Her work is exported far and wide. She works from her home, doing custom work when asked. While not practical, people love to look at and hear her works.
   Zaccary Forge (hm N lvl 3 expert) and his son Junior (hm N lvl 3 expert) make simple weapons (spears and axes) and tools (hammers, grates, hinges, latches, etc.). Their business is The Broken Hammer. Junior has learned everything his father knows, which isn't much. Their work is passable, but certainly not exceptional. They do have a well-equipped shop, and do good business, only because they are the suppliers to the keep and militia. Forget about repairs.
   Cathander Balesworth ( hm LG lvl 4 expert) is a good farrier, and limits his smithing to horseshoes, nails, and simple household ironworks (grates and bars). He helps out with work at the White Steed when they get too busy. His own business, Berei's Forge is named after the goddess of home, family, and agriculture. Because Berei is a Flan god, some Suel do not do business with Cathander, though he is Suel. A widower, he has three young children. He has donated much time and iron to his fellow townsfolk and travelers down on their luck. He will shoe any horse, even if the owner can't pay.
   The brothers Halper and Daner Masterson are ex-adventurers (hm NG lvl. 2 ftr, 4 expert), who have set up an armorer's shop, The Leaky Helmet. Halper is a metal worker, and Daner is tanner, and they make and repair leather, studded leather, banded, and scale mail. Their skills are average, but their knowledge of the dangers of the area is excellent, as many adventurers come to them for repair work after battles.